We have an extensive network of Clinical expertise to deal with both established medical problems but also for dealing with the specific effects of COVID-19 on individual mental health and wellbeing.

We have already started working with our clients to ensure their teams have the right support before returning to work.

The impact of the lockdown can be varied depending on the person therefore its key to be proactive with your approach and provide the right level of support and the right time.

Examples of support we can provide:

Neurological- including memory, headaches
Clotting problems and Vascular disease
Psychological impact due to Covid-19; impact on personal relationships, financial pressures and the mindset of returning back to the office.
Readjustments to exiting the Lockdown with fear of crowds (Agoraphobia) leading to or worsening the individuals ability to be in enclosed spaces (Claustrophobia) such as trains and lifts.